Secret Garden Message Ringtone

For you who have seen the secret garden, surely you know the scene where Kim Joo Won (or Gil Ra Im? wkwkwkwk) said “Munja Wa Shong” when he (or she? XD ) received a text message

nah, here’s a link to download the ringtone is a ringtone to your mobile phone!

Munja Wa Shong (Ra Im’s Phone)
Munja Wa Shong (Hyun Bin’s Voice)

Enjoy!! >W<

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36 thoughts on “Secret Garden Message Ringtone

  1. @Sheng Herr : thanks…
    @Jessica : you can take it :D but remember the copyright, please! ^^

  2. @gwyn : gwenchanayo~ haha.. it’s nice to see you like my post.. :) and thanks for helping me to answer sabrina question!!

    @sabrina : gwyn already answered.. :D

  3. oooo >.< i've been looking for this after i watch bigbang's sg parody….kansahamnida a million times… =D

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