Attention (again!) :)

I know.. I know..
I promised I just gone for a month,, but I had gone for months!
Really sorry,, but I have too many things to do!

As you already know, I already become a college student.. and it’s really really tiring!
Yeah,, I taking industrial engineering, and it takes most of my time to do all the task.
so many paper to do,, so many task to finished,, so I didn’t have much time to spend in this site.
and then,, came the time of mid-term.. I have to focused, so then I can get a good result.

I apologize one more time to all of you..
I’ll try my best to update this site,, and give more lyrics to you~
(I’ve already have a waiting list,, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho,, Still One to Marry,, Baker King,, Coffee House)
Maybe I can’t update it every week now.. just stay on, okay??

Thanks,, and sorry for this inconvenience


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