Secret Garden OST Tracklist

Here the track list for Secret Garden

1. That Man – Hyun Bin
2. That Woman – Baek Ji Young
3. You are My Spring – Sung Si Kyung
4. 눈물자리 (nun-mul-ja-ri) Tears Here
5. Liar – Yoon Sang Hyun / Oska
6. Reason – 4Men
7. Here I am – 4Men ft Mi
8. 동화 (dong-hwa) Fairytale
9. 나타나 – Kim Bum Soo
10. 바라본다 – Yoon Sang Hyun / Oska
11. 한 여자 (han yeo-ja) A Woman
12. (VA) Main Title
13. 못해 (mo-tae) Can not – Mi
14. (VA) Lovely Oscar
15. 상처만 – BOIS
16. (VA) Guardian Angel
17. 나타나 (na-ta-na) Ballad Ver. >> Yoari’s Version
18. (VA) Mystery Garden
19. You are My Everything – Jung Ha Yoon
20. Here I Am Piano Ver.
21. (VA) Love Potion
22. (VA) My Darling Lime
23. (VA) Confusion
24. (VA) My Daddy
25. (VA) Virgin Love

click HERE to download the full album

additional songs :

click here to download 동화 (dong-hwa or Fairytale) by Yiruma
click here to download 눈물자리 (nul-mu-ja-ri) by Yoon Sang Hyun / Osca
click here to download Here I am (piano ver. by Yoon Sang Hyun / Osca)
click here to download No Eul dialogue (Eps 13 – when Joo Woo’s Mother curses Ra Im’s father) and here for songs
click here to download Dang Shin Eul Sarang Hab Ni Da (Eps 17 – background sound when Ra Im in the market, crying) and here for the dialogue
click here to download Charles Bridge Eh Sarang (Eps 20 – last scene)

extra :

get Ra Im’s Message Tone (Munja Wa Shong) here



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  3. Does anyone know the song that was playing in Episode 12, around minute 51, when Oska left the studio, starts making a phonecall and Seul was watching him from the corner? It plays on until Joo Won appears with his staffs at the lodging…beautiful song but I have no idea who sang it or what it’s called 😦

  4. Hi, can someone please tell me what song is playing in the background in Episode 11? It’s during the scene where Secretary Kim and Ah Young are in the cafe eating and Kim Jun Woo calls — around 54:00 – 55:00 in the episode. There’s two songs that play sequentially in the background, I think. I’m curious about the first song. It sounds beautiful but I can’t hear the lyrics enough to find it. Thank you so much!

  5. i watched this drama over and over again and i really cant get over with it and them (the couple)… i so love them both… and the storyline… i salute the Secret Garden staffs for making it an unforgettable korean drama ever!!! i hope there’s a sequel… hehehe… waiting for hyun bin complete his military service…

  6. hi… can anybody help me to trace the song title in episode 12 ( last part) wen oska was searching for seul til joo won visiting his resort… im very eager to find it but cant.. tnx for thehelp coming…

  7. Thank you so much for posting this!
    Also I have a request: does anyone know if there is a full version of the song Oska sings with that woman in Ep 13? It’s about 8.5 minutes into the episode, and he’s in a dance rehearsal. They sing “Saranghae” and “I love you.”
    I’ve looked and can’t find it at all but I thought maybe someone might know if it exists, or at least the actual name of the song.
    Thanks so much for any help!

  8. Hi I was wondering, could someone please tell me where i could get the song that is being played at 9.55 until 11.35 [1st episode] the scene where gil ra im started to mount her bike to chase the burglars that snatched the handbag. please tell me. i really love that song. i was hoping someone could tell me the title of the song and perhaps where i could download the song. chongmal komawo!

  9. haii can someone tell me the tittle of song in eps 12? when 51:19-52:19? when oska meet seul in music studio, and then joo won walking together with his people in resort.. pleaase help me ^_^

  10. Hi, can someone please tell me what song is playing in the background in Episode 11? It’s during the scene where Secretary Kim and Ah Young are in the cafe eating and Kim Jun Woo calls — around 54:00 – 55:00 in the episode. There’s two songs that play sequentially in the background, I think. I’m curious about the first song. It sounds beautiful but I can’t hear the lyrics enough to find it. Thank you so much!

  11. hi.. could you tell me what song when Oska singing at anti-smoke session..and the song when Ra Im came to Kim Joo Won house for the first time (and bring the vacum cleaner)..

    Gamsahamnida.. ^^

  12. Hi…. I’m Mrs. Ina, from Indonesia.
    Can you help me to get the instrument music “Reason”-4Men, OST Secret Garden???
    My Daughter, 11 years old, she likes this song so much, and I want to give her that instrument for practice.
    Thanks a lot before……

  13. thank u for sharing this OST. i’ve just finished watching the drama, n Tae Young Oppa is really Really REALLY did a great job for this serial. 🙂 N i agree w/ Tanpopo, He looks like such a great kisser 😀

  14. The Links for every song are not valid anymore 😦 What’s wrong? Thanks for the (Munja Wa Shong) tone^^ It was my message tone for a long time I cut it from the drama but It wasn’t that clear.. Yours is so great.. thanks.. I’m using it now 😉

  15. I’ve a request. Do you have ‘Kim Su Han Mo’ mp3?
    The song / poem *I dont know what it is actually* but the one that Kim Joo Won *Hyun Bin* sing when he’s keep thinking of Gil Ra Im *Ha Ji Won*.
    If you do, could you upload it?

  16. thank you so much for the lyrics, chingu-ya…^^
    this is the best korean drama i’ve ever seen after “jewel in the palace”…. this is the most one that i liked all the time. Kim Tae Yeong/ Hyun-bin is a good kisser, that the great part of him after the good looking face that he has^^
    naneun jeongmal namjalul joa-hae…

  17. hi, i’m just wondering if u know who sing ‘that woman’ in 5th ep (in the scene han tae sun sing it, oska, ra im n jong woo were hvg lunch). cuz i dont think that’s hyun bin voice. tq.

  18. secret garden has one of the best soundtracks! i love it so much.. this is one of the best korean drama of all time! thank you so much for this gift to us, your fans! 😀

  19. hi! do you know the song’s tiltle when park bong ho/director park (someone who hates kim joo won) realized that kim joo won’s signature has changed into heart shapes? the scene takes in the mall. thanks for ur help before :)) gamsahabnida :))

  20. Heyy~ I tried to download your album (i.e. tracks 1-25 in the full album) but the links aren’t working. Mediafire reports no files at all ): The other parts are available for download tho (:

    Do you mind reuploading the secret garden full album ><"" thanks!! (:

  21. @Ben and @Britany : i’m so sorry. i’ve checked the episode, but i cannot hear the song very clearly. the actor voices is much more louder from the song, so i couldn’t identified the song.. sorry!! thanks for visiting anyway! m=_=m

  22. @Tya Cii Gag Bawwel : sorry for the late reply. In episode 13 there’s no scene where Osca playing a piano. Its in episode 14. 🙂 The song that you looking for is “She (Tous Les Visages de L’Amour)” by Elvis Costello. you can find the lyrics in allspirit and download the song in 4shared. This song is also a soundtrack from Nothing Hill, a famous film in 1999 🙂 Again, i’m really sorry about the late reply! Thanks for visiting!

  23. please…
    does anyone know the title of the background music played when 1st time they switched their bodies?? (hyun bin with osca n ra im at sauna)
    i really2 like that music…

  24. at last! i was just googling for the title of the song played in the final scene of secret garden, and look where it brought me.. haha! thank you so much! i can’t thank you enough!

  25. Hello, i was wondering if you know the song that is playing in the background while Gil Ra Im and Oska are having coffe. It is towards the end in episode 10, right before Gil Ra Im visits Joo Won’s mother. It is an English song. Thank you.

  26. thanks for the list,esp for ‘no eul’, which if i’m not mistaken the same song tht also played when Joo Won kidnapped Ra Im from hospital to switch their bodies towards the dark cloud..i was crying when Joo Won said “Saranghae” to sleeping Ra Im..i finally i found it… ^^
    the most complete SG ost list so far yet..

  27. hello. i just want to ask if you know the title of that song in secret garden in which there is a woman humming. it was played many times and also in the last scene of the last episode. thank you very much. and i would be more grateful if you could help me with this. komawoyeo :))

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