Princess Hours Tracklist

Here the tracklist for Princess Hours

01. Perhaps Love – HowL ft. J
02. I’m a Fool – Stay
03. Doo Ga Ji Mal – Jung Jae Wook ft. The One
04. Give Me A Little Try – Seo Hyun Jin
05. Nan Nul Saranghae Nuhman Saranghae II – Stay
06. Perhaps Love (Remix Ver.)
07. 1993 Gwang Hwa 49 Nyun
08. Goong
09. Bok Jang Bool Ryang!
10. Woo Joo Jung Bok #1
11. Crystal Flower
12. A Dancing Teddy
13. Nae Ga Sun Taek Han Gil Ee Ya!
14. Dah Ji Mot Han Ma Eum
15. Ggot Ip Ee Nae Rin Da
16. Woo Joo Jung Bok #2

Beside that, there’s also another track

click HERE to download the full album


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