49 Days Tracklist

Here the tracklist for 49 Days

(불꺼진 창)

01. There’s Nothing – Jung Yeop (Brown Eyed Soul)
02. Can’t Let Go – Seo Young Eun
03. Even If I Live Just One Day – Jo Hyun Jae
04. Always – Park Bo Ram
05. 한 발짝도 난 – Jung Yeop (Brown Eyed Soul)
06. 눈물이 난다 – Shin Jae
07. 안되니 – Tim
08. Feneste Che Luciv  – Oh Hyun Ran
09. 세번의 눈물  – Jae Hee
10. 허수아비 – Jung Il Woo
11. 느낌이 와 – 나비
12. 그대니까 (geu-dae-ni-kka) | (do you) – jung kyu 정규
13. 누가 뭐래도 리뉴 – Re-New (nu-ga mwo-rae-do ri-nyu)
14. 가슴이 하나라서 – J-symphony


01. Title Prelude 49 Days 49일
02. Can’t Let Go (Piano Ver.) 잊을만도 한데
03. Tears Necklace 눈물 목걸이 (nun-mul mok-kkeo-ri)
04. There’s Nothing (Piano Ver.) 아무일도 없었다
05. Even If I live Just One Day (Piano Ver.) 단 하루를 살아도
06. Soul Change
07. Always (Guitar Ver.) 언제까지나
08. Silent Regrets
09. Tears Are Falling (Harmonica Ver.) 눈물이 난다
10. Sweet Day (Guitar Ver.)
11. Three of the Tears (Guitar Ver.) 세번의 눈물
12. It Can’t Be Me (Harmonica Ver.) 안되니
13. Scarecrow (Guitar Ver.) 허수아비
14. Devil’s Tears 악마의 눈물 (ang-ma-ui nun-mul)
15. Do You (Piano Ver.) 그대니까
16. There’s Nothing (Guitar Ver.) 아무일도 없었다
17. The Circle Of Life

click HERE to download the full album (choose the one you want to download)

addition :

  • click here to download ringtones used in 49 Days
  • 불꺼진 창 – 이장희 (Korean version of Feneste Che Luciv)

notes : click in the song title directs you to the lyric page of the song, and also the single download mp3 (currently working on it) >> not available this time



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