About Korean Lyric

Hi. I’m Stefanie. Owner of this blog ๐Ÿ˜‰

First of all. I ย make this blog just for fun, to spent my spare time. So, if I’m not updating post here, it means that I’m quite busy with my assignment. So sorry!ย 

lyrics that I posted here mostly from original soundtrack of Korean drama. And mostly (again) are from Kim Hyun Joong and C.N. Blue (i really love them!) I put Korean / Japanese romanization lyrics, English lyrics, and also links to download the mp3. Please notice that I only give links, not personally upload them, so I’m sorry if there’s some broken link and I have no time to change it. Please support the artist by buying the original CDs. ^^

I only put youtube videos only for MV that I like so much, so don’t expect I having all new MVs right here. Please understand that some of you have limited bandwidth, so I cannot put something like that too much.

I, myself, become a Korean-addict because one of my friend that love Princess Hours so much ^^. Thanks to her, now I like Korea, the culture, language, everything about Korea, something that I really hate long long time ago. (Please, don’t hate me because of this! That time I just can’t tell the difference between one actor and another! They look exactly the same for me! TT_TT)

In the end, thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you enjoy it! ^^
And don’t forget to leave comment for me~




  1. Just read about your blog….again i guess.
    I realize that we have(at least) one thing in common, how i hated korean drama coz they all have similar face(now i regret it!).
    And i like cnblue too (though changmin of tvxq is my bias.)
    Last but not least… I really love your blog especially the lyrics.

  2. hi stef…how wonderful you are creating this site for thoses korean drama (kdrama) addict…Just like you I’m not fun of Korean Drama before but when i first watch the “Endless Love series” i was really fascinated of Korean drama after.Now im really interested about korea, places,culture,languange and espevially thier entertainment industry…Im always watching KBS/SBS/MBC and surfing korean website just to keep track of the latest news of my favorite actors/actresses!! Really Addictive to them! In fact i am looking forward to spend my vacation in Korea soon!! Keep it up! Kamsahamnida!and haenguneulbileoyo!

  3. i know your blog in accident and i’m not good at english. i’m watching the film 49 days, i heard the song “feneste che luciv” and really like. so i’m looking for the song. so i know your blog. i really like your b

  4. Stephanie!

    I cannot hate you for hating Koreans before… Because it was matter of time for you to love them! LOL Thank you so mucho for aaaaaaaaaall the lyrics that you’ve posted here :3 They’ve helped me a lot to improve my english (because I need it, I’m learning English Teachin and I’m from Chile) and they helped me to translate them to spanish, so more people can understand them :3
    I always give you the credits, and sometimes I post here, but I feel it’s not enough… But, please, I need you to know that I’m very grateful for your job and the time you take to do it… Thank you very much ๐Ÿ˜€

    (sorry for my poor English -.-U)

  5. hey Stephanie,
    great job!! love what you are doing and i hope you will continue doing so. i am addicted to Korean dramas and love their soundtracks, totally awesome!! love it most when its translated to English, so much easier for me. thanks for that!!! you are sweet

  6. Thank you very much to provide us with that korean drama’s song and lyrics. They are very helpful. ^^ I, too, cannot tell the difference between the actor! I know how you feel. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Annyeong Stephanie,

    Just want to request for the lyrics of the song entitled, “for as long as i lived” by park wan kyu. The song is an ost of The Kingdon of the Wind koreandrama.

    Gomao in advance!

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