Mr. K.I.A – C.N.Blue

English Version :

Hello Hello Mr. K.I.A
Nobody likes your pretentious manner
Do you know that?
Hello Hello Hello Mr. K.I.A
Don’t be such a snob
Don’t get on the high horse, man

You are caged in your own world
You must know the vivid world
Blah blah blah and you say blah blah blah
I’m sorry but I can’t hear you anything

I’m sorry sorry sorry Mr. K.I.A
I don’t want to hear anymore
Oh that’s too bad guy
Sorry sorry sorry Mr. K.I.A
Oh you act big but in fact you are nothing
That’s too bad

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In My Head – C.N.Blue

click here for the Korean Version of In My Head
Japanese Version :

In my head, I know you
In my head, I know you

The way we go and go Mada mada
motto mukou beyond the light
Kono te ni catch my dream
Bokura no yurugi no nai omoi

I wanna masugu na hikari de
I wanna dareka wo warawase tai nda
I wanna sore zore no kono kokoro wo ima kasane hanatsu

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