Baker King, Kim Tak Goo OST Tracklist

1. At The End of The Day (하루의 끄테) – VOS
2. Love You to Death (죽또록 사랑해) – KCM ft Soul Drive
3. That Person (그 사람) – Lee Seung Chul
4. Only One (단 한사람) – Bada
5. Hope is a Dream That doesn’t Sleep (히망은 잠들찌 안는 꿈) – Kyuhyun
6. For Me (나를 위해) – Michelle Yu Jin
7. Only You (너 하나만) – Yoon Shi Yoon
8. It was love (사랑이야) – Lee Young Ah
9. My Love (내사랑) – Joo Wo
10. Now go and see (지금 만나러 간다) – Code V

sorry.. I haven’t finished compile all the mp3 tracks.. try to search it from Google.. 😀