49 Days Ringtone

01. Scheduler Ringback Tone (the one that he used)

episode Korean Version English Translation
4 Korean
Yo! Gidaryeo gidaryeo gidaryeo gidaryeo~
Nan jeoseungsaja ga aniya, SCHEDULER~!
Jeonhwareul mot badeulttaen, immureul suhaeng jung
Itta jeonhwa halkke, chigeum Schedule su hwajung! AH!!
Yo! Wait, wait, wait, wait~
I am not a Grim Reaper, I’m a SCHEDULER!
When I don’t pick up the phone, please hang up.
I’ll call you back later, I’m in the middle of a schedule! AH!

02. Voice of Scheduler (the one that Ji Hyun used)

episode Korean Version English Translation
9 Yoon Ji Sun Yoon Ji sun hante jeonhwa waseo~
Yoon Ji Sun hante jeonhwa watdago!
Yoon Ji Sun hante jeonhwa watdanikka!
Yoon Ji Sun is calling
Yoon Ji Sun is calling!
I said Yoon Ji Sun is calling you!
10 Kang Min Ho Kang Min Ho jeonhwa waseo~
Kang Min Ho jeonhwa watdanikka!
Kang Min Ho jeonhwa watdago!
Kang Min Ho is calling!
I said Kang Min Ho is calling!
10 & 12 Switch Off Jeonhwa ni kkeojyeo isseo
Bbi sori ihu eomseongsaseo hameuro yeongyeol tteumyeon
Deunghwaryu ga bugwa doemnida.
The Phone has been switched off.
Please leave your message after the “Beep”,
Charges apply for voice mail.
11 Got a Call Jeonhwa watda! Jeonhwa bada!
Ya~ jeonhwa bada! Jeonhwa bada
You have a phone call! Answer the phone!
Hey, answer the phone, answer the phone!
12 Shin In Jung Shin In Jung Jeonhwa watda!
Shin In Jung jeonhwa badeurago!
Shin In Jung is calling!
Shin In Jung would like you to answer her call!!
17 Can’t Call deunghwa beuleun
deunghwa beuleun
deunghwa bulganeung
Your call cannot be made
Your call cannot be made
Your call is impossible
17 Phone Location 010-491-4949 (gong il gong, sagu ilre, sagu sagu) haendeupon wichineun,
Paradaiseu Opistel 703(Chil baek sam) ho imnida.
Paradaiseu Opistel gojineun Kang Min Ho imnida.
010-491-4949 phone location is at,
Paradise Apartment unit No. 703.
The house owner is Kang Min Ho.
18 Han Kang Han Kang Jeonhwa watda
Gidarigo Gidari neon, Han Kang jeonhwa watdago
Han Kang calling!
The one that you’re waiting for, Han Kang is calling.

Secret Garden Message Ringtone

For you who have seen the secret garden, surely you know the scene where Kim Joo Won (or Gil Ra Im? wkwkwkwk) said “Munja Wa Shong” when he (or she? XD ) received a text message

nah, here’s a link to download the ringtone is a ringtone to your mobile phone!

Munja Wa Shong (Ra Im’s Phone)
Munja Wa Shong (Hyun Bin’s Voice)

Enjoy!! >W<