Love Revolution (English Version) – C.N.Blue

click here for the Korean Version of Love Revolution

English Version :

Something like in the sky
Uh… I can’t define
But certain thang in my heart, you know I can realize
Like fairy tale I heard
Precious thing in my hood
Tell me how you feel, what what? uh same I do

Something like a toy I got
Yeah, I can remind
My love is shining in my heart, it is so clear and mind
Like fairy tale I heard
Precious things in my hood
Tell me how you feel, what what?

I want you in my life (in the castle, in the air)
I want you kiss me everyday (I take your hand, my dear)
I want you in my life (I don’t want you fly away)
I want you smiling at me everyday (You’re my dreaming days)
If your love won’t stay with me forever
I’ll be loving you, whenever
You in my life (tell me everything’s alright)
I wanna be your shining light, Forever

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Y, Why (English Version) – C.N.Blue

click here for the Korean Version of Y, Why

English Version :

I know I’ve fallen in love when you’re coming down to my eyes
Wanna make you, wanna feel the beauty as you are
I wanna tell you some I’m not a man who say in lies
Wanna love you I wanna hold you can you be the part of my life

You can have it girl your way it you mind
I don’t wanna bend you girl, all the life all the life

I’ll feel your love forever I wanna know your feeling
This feeling is so true, girl
I’ll need your love forever I can feel your heart
So please breathe with me forever

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Let’s Go Crazy – C.N.Blue

Let’s go crazy
Let’s go crazy
Let’s go crazy

I can feel the heat in my flesh and bone
I don’t wanna be here on my own
Might miss a chance turning every stone
A moment or two and it’s gone

I only wanna play for fun
Come let’s get together everyone
If you wanna know, stay till the end
I could be lover or a friend

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Intro – C.N.Blue

Hey yo, I’m coming, I’m the same through the day
Our plan is not same, we are the track
Music is made, we are the breath
I don’t know, never ever give up

We’re gonna be a shining star
Don’t stop the game, Don’t stop me now
Don’t stop the music, Don’t turn off your mic
Turn on your mic, want us to make some noise

We are coming, our sound is coming give it to you
We are coming, our sound is coming give it to you

ThankU – C.N.Blue 1st Japanese Album

Released on March 20, 2010, this is the compilation album from their previous mini album, Now and Never, Voice, and 2 added tracks. All songs in ThankU album are in English Version, exception for A.Ri.Ga.To.U and Voice

Here is track list of ThankU from C.N.Blue :

01. Intro
02. Let’s Go Crazy
03. Love Revolution
04. Wanna Be Like You
05. Never Too Late
06. Now or Never
07. Voice
08. Just Please
09. Y, Why
10. Teardrops in the Rain
11. One of a Kind
12. A.Ri.Ga.To.U

Click HERE to download ThankU full album from C.N.Blue
or download it one by one on the each page (not available yet)

Arigatou – C.N.Blue

Japanese Version :
Kimi no kotowa itsumo mite iru yo
Yasashii egao arigatou
Arigatou kono kimochi kimi dake ni iu yo
Ima made boku wo mite kureta koto

Ima demo omoi dasu sono yasashii egao
Boku ni te o sashi dasu kimi wo

Ima made arigatou arigatou ima demo sou
Mae he susumu hontou no imi ima nara wakaru
Ima made arigatou egao wo arigatou kimi
Yowamushi jibun wo koete ima koko de utau yo

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Just Please (English Version) – C.N.Blue

Do you know
This song is for you
The most incredible
You heard

Just please know why my heart is beating for you
Just fix what is inside my shallow mind
I can’t live without you don’t leave me alone
Baby, listen to my growling

This song’s for you, dear miss
It’s a tale of painful love
From the codename
I’m containing a dizzy chain
That is what? I couldn’t do it cause of myself
I was so sick and sick, couldn’t handle it myself
I thought she and I were the Bonnie and Clyde
Laugh at me or heal me and wanna know what I’m singing
Just thanks

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