Eclipse – C.N.Blue

Japanese Version :

It’s hard to say my mind
kimi no koe o tashikametai
Can you tell me your height?
todokazuni shizumu tame iki

If you’re searching for the shine
sono te o hanasanai
kitto meguri au
Dreaming of you
haruka na tabi e (oooh)

ano hi no yakusoku wa
eien no michishirube
samayou jikan itsuka kitto aeru

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Ready N Go (English Version) – C.N.Blue

Wassup you guys
Do you wanna play?
Are you ready CNBLUE?
We’re so hungry for something
Microphone check up
Ok let’s go

Hey babe It’s rainy day
I can see the road in the rain
I have long sword
Makes me stronger

I’m not weak man
I will go to the world
I don’t need any more word
I seem to have set a trend

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One Time – C.N.Blue

I don’t know why I’m here but baby
even though we fail it’s worth
I know you know
It is all about my music

Music Changes our life in the dark
so I can change your thoughts
I know you know
Your life is also the same music that is my boo

Boom Boom tap
Boom Boom tap
Step by step by hum
you don’t care

I just like mic quitter bass drum
kick snare
Check up the one day

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