2NE1 – Falling In Love

Korean Romanization

Touch me over here
Touch me touch me over there
Touch me over here
Touch me over there
Touch me over here
Touch me touch me over there
Touch touch touch
Yeah yeah

[Minji] Oh my nae mami wae iri seolleneunji molla
Ireumdo moreuneun geudae apeseo nan
O cheonguk gateun neoui nunbiche jeongmal
Alright alright alright alright

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향수 뿌리지마 – Teen Top

Korean Version : (hyang-su ppu-ri-ji-ma)
nunaui hyanggineun neomu neomuna dalkomhae
nae jubyeon nugudo geureon hyanggiga anna mome
nunaui hwajangeun neomu neomuna yeppeun geol
mideul su eopgedo ireon yeppeun nunaga naekkeon geol

nunawa hamkke isseumyeon nan namjaga doen geo gateun geol
nado moreuge eokkaega eusseukhae
eokkaee soneul dureumyeon da sesangeul gajin geot gata

hyangsuppurijima ireoda yeochinhante deulkindan mallya
banjjagi bareujima ireoda ose mudeum andoendan mallya
nunan nunajiman jeongmal naega naega joheumyeon geureotamyeon
ttansorihajiman geunyang naega hajandaerohae geudaerohae

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Try Again, Smile Again – CN Blue

Yo, I never lose myself… everyday
I can get pressure smile
I’m gotta try again and back again
I’ll try it all night
Let’s go

More, bigger halls and alums
Don’t lose my first intention
I never lose myself everyday
More, bigger home
and bling-blings we got more concentration
I never lose myself everyday

I can get pressures at times
But I am strong and I try to sing all night

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Attention (again!) :)

I know.. I know..
I promised I just gone for a month,, but I had gone for months!
Really sorry,, but I have too many things to do!

As you already know, I already become a college student.. and it’s really really tiring!
Yeah,, I taking industrial engineering, and it takes most of my time to do all the task.
so many paper to do,, so many task to finished,, so I didn’t have much time to spend in this site.
and then,, came the time of mid-term.. I have to focused, so then I can get a good result.

I apologize one more time to all of you..
I’ll try my best to update this site,, and give more lyrics to you~
(I’ve already have a waiting list,, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho,, Still One to Marry,, Baker King,, Coffee House)
Maybe I can’t update it every week now.. just stay on, okay??

Thanks,, and sorry for this inconvenience

Attention, Please!!

Just for your info.  I won’t be around till the end of this month.  Well,, I’m quite busy with the college orientation (starting @ August 12th) and having some adjustment with my class schedule.  Hope you don’t mind.

For the next two weeks, I’ve already scheduled some post.  If I have spare time, I will update more.  But, if I couldn’t, just stick with the post that I’ve scheduled. Mianeyo~