Voice – C.N.BLUE

Mayoi nagara ooi motomete
Yatto fureta kimi no kokoro no
Bonyari tomini coopera rinkaku

Shoujyo no youna karensa ga
Yureru shinkiron mitaide
Sashidasu te wa karaburi No No!!

Senaka no sazanami urunda machinami
Donna fuantei na Swing demo

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Never Too Late – C.N.Blue

U said me why you live so boring it maybe so right, didn’t denial
I wanna make a time to seek me alone just I wanna keeping you on my step
you come up in front of me I wonder in my eyes
I know that how wonder brilliant things are in my life

it makes me changed it all because I have a dream that is a song for U
I can sing a song till to the end

if I can’t meet u still, forever
I don’t know what will be happen to me now
I know that it something most important now yes that is you
even if slow compared with other one, it doesn’t matter anymore to me
it is a timely encounter of destiny it’s never too late

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One of a Kind – C.N.Blue

On the floor, you’re moving in a way I can’t ignore
I’m in heat, I caught a glimpse and now I’m at your feet

I can’t escape it, there’s nowhere to hide
This feeling I got I can’t deny
I don’t know your name but it’s all the same
‘Coz I can feel your heart and now I’m sure

Don’t you know, there’s nothing I can do,
I gotta get to know you
I have to see this through I want it all
I gotta let you know, this feeling is so true
Coz I know that you’re One of a kind
And I can’t get you out of my mind

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Wanna Be Like You (English Version) – C.N.Blue

Let’s make a run from all we know
We’ll find a way and get back stronger again
Too many times I’ve wondered why
I feel ashamed only to be around

I’m living a lie, but trying to find a way
Out of this

I wanna feel, I wanna fled
I wanna live like there’s no tomorrow
I wanna scream, Out in the night
I wanna make love like there’s no tomorrow

I wanna be like you

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