Never Too Late – C.N.Blue

U said me why you live so boring it maybe so right, didn’t denial
I wanna make a time to seek me alone just I wanna keeping you on my step
you come up in front of me I wonder in my eyes
I know that how wonder brilliant things are in my life

it makes me changed it all because I have a dream that is a song for U
I can sing a song till to the end

if I can’t meet u still, forever
I don’t know what will be happen to me now
I know that it something most important now yes that is you
even if slow compared with other one, it doesn’t matter anymore to me
it is a timely encounter of destiny it’s never too late

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One of a Kind – C.N.Blue

On the floor, you’re moving in a way I can’t ignore
I’m in heat, I caught a glimpse and now I’m at your feet

I can’t escape it, there’s nowhere to hide
This feeling I got I can’t deny
I don’t know your name but it’s all the same
‘Coz I can feel your heart and now I’m sure

Don’t you know, there’s nothing I can do,
I gotta get to know you
I have to see this through I want it all
I gotta let you know, this feeling is so true
Coz I know that you’re One of a kind
And I can’t get you out of my mind

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Wanna Be Like You (English Version) – C.N.Blue

Let’s make a run from all we know
We’ll find a way and get back stronger again
Too many times I’ve wondered why
I feel ashamed only to be around

I’m living a lie, but trying to find a way
Out of this

I wanna feel, I wanna fled
I wanna live like there’s no tomorrow
I wanna scream, Out in the night
I wanna make love like there’s no tomorrow

I wanna be like you

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