Feeling – C.N.Blue

English Version :
A flower in the spring, fallen leave in the fall.
That is the paradise.
A teardrop in my face, beads of sweat in my face.
That is the paradise.

I am confused. I’m at a nonplus.
I am in tears. And tear me down.
I am confused. That continues. But I will enjoy those everyday.

It’s just a feeling. It’s just a feeling.
That is just a faint feeling.
It’s just a feeling. It’s just a feeling.
Just the feeling changes of mind.

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Get Away – C.N.Blue

Japanese Version :

Heaven Heaven Heaven Way
Heaven Heaven Heaven Way

Itsukara bokura wa yume wo nakushita ka
Kyou mo wakaranai mama aruiteiru
Ate no nai yakusoku hatasare nai mama
Tsuyoku tataku amaoto hibiiteta

Ima mo kienai kienai kimi no koe
mugen no tsuyosa motometeta
Tsugi no kotae shiru made
owaranai Heaven Way hashiru Over Night

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Where You Are – C.N.Blue

Japanese Version :

I’m breaking down I am screaming out
My time is running out What do I do now
Oh, give up? Or stand up? I don’t know.
I wanna break the spell now

I’m drowning now, sakebi wa mou
kagayaku koto wasureta tsuki no you sa
Somewhere lady, look and smile at me. Yeah-

I’m searching where you are
Oh, shining down on me from where you are
I’ll always be right there, baby,
always be right there, baby
Oh, please touch my body and my face

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